The pathway of grace in the Dove and Rose Devotion


The chart below depicts the flow of grace in the Dove and Rose devotion. The doctrinal source for the Causes of Grace and the Classifications of Grace is the Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Dr. Ludwig Ott, published in 1952.

The diagram depicts the pathway of grace in us from its source, God Our Lord Jesus Christ in His real and substantial presence in the Holy Eucharist, and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the form of sanctifying grace which builds in each of us, and through us in society at large, the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” in Truth Beauty, and Goodness. The center of this Kingdom, indeed the sun around which God builds His Kingdom, and the sun providing us with the warmth and light of the Holy Spirit, is Jesus Christ in His Eucharist through True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.  With the Eucharist as our food, sanctifying grace becomes the spiritual lifeblood running through our souls, supplemented with actual antecedent, consequent, sufficient, and efficacious graces to aid us on our journey.

We Seek the Kingdom, Love the Kingdom, and Defend the Kingdom in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness under Christ our King in His three roles as our Teacher, Ruler, and High Priest. Our Lady is our Queen. Sts. Joan and Thérèse are our saintly sisters guiding us on the pathway of grace, something we call The Trail of the Dogmatic Creed, to the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary where Christ reigns in all His glory.

The flow of grace in the Dove and Rose devotion