Articles of Joan of Arc's Trial of Nullification

Joan of Arc Trial of Nullification – Article 3

Article 3

That in order to give this an appearance of virtue, they brought her to this city of Rouen, then held in the tyrannical power of the English; and that they imprisoned her in the castle and caused to be brought against her a false prosecution for heresy, and this under fear and pressure. And so it was and that is the truth.

~ Régine Pernoud, Joan of Arc – Her Story

Thérèsian Reflection

I firmly believe, as my voices have told me, that I shall be saved; I believe as firmly as if it were already so…

~ Therese of Lisieux. The Plays of Saint Therese of Lisieux: Pious Recreations (Kindle Locations 1300-1301). Kindle Edition.

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