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The Joan of Arc Chapel and The Divine Glance

“The second half of RoyaumeFrance’s Platonic, ultra-real essence is that ‘Divine Glance’ which is the combination of love, mercy, justice, and logos that transforms us as new substantive beings, new creations, in the royal line of St. Mary Magdalene and therefore as members of the French Catholic Diaspora. St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux lead us along the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to that Kingdom as proximate channels of grace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” 

~excerpt from RoyaumeFrance
The Joan of Arc Chapel sits on the beautiful campus of Marquette University in downtown Milwaukee. 

Recently, while visiting the Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette University, I felt once again the “divine glance” as I contemplated St. Joan and stared at her statue.

The statue at St. Joan’s chapel

The chapel was built in France in the year 1420, when Joan was only eight years old.

It was built in France in 1420, when Joan was only eight years old.

Originally brought from France to the northeast United States, the chapel later was given to Marquette and assembled there in 1966.

Behind the altar and to the left, one can see the small square in the wall holding “Joan’s Stone.”

One of the attractions is “Joan’s Stone,” which is a stone from an altar before which Joan prayed before a battle. Touching Joan’s Stone has been a source of grace for me.

“Joan’s Stone”

After touching the stone and praying, I sat down not far from Joan’s statue to contemplate.

There, and then, I received the “divine glance,” which Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) describes as a momentary insight into something eternal and timeless, that comes to us through an analogous relationship in our world of space and time or through an event by the eternal on the temporal. Joan of Arc, in herself, her mission, her death, and her glory in Heaven is just such an analogous relationship and her life on earth was just such an event by the eternal on the temporal realm.

The divine glance stirred inside of me. It was from her heart in the eternal.

Those poorest, most in need, and least worthy are the recipients of God’s superabundant love overflowing from the fountain that is Joan of Arc’s heart, which is her goodness and her Kingdom. Those poorest in her heart are crowned only by her and through her as ordered by the divine will. In this way we are certain that Joan of Arc transforms our poor hearts to royal hearts through the hierarchy of the divine order in the Kingdom of God.

~ excerpt from Beyond the Counterrevolution

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