Joan of Arc - Who she is

God and Our Lady love us when they love Joan of Arc

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We live in a relative goodness to Joan of Arc, in our relationship with her as willed by God in the divine order, and as the lesser and lower in a hierarchy of God’s abundant grace that overflows each level of the hierarchy to bring life to the levels below. As noted previously, Joan is both great and good and this by God’s will which was manifest in Joan’s voices from Heaven, her deeds, and her faithfulness to the end.

Joan’s goodness is what we call her heart, and we are in union with her heart through that goodness which is God’s own flowing over into our souls. Our Lord Jesus Christ is both the source and the substance itself of that goodness, and it flows necessarily by His will through the Immaculate Heart of Mary where it breaks forth in dazzling array across the Kingdom of God like the sunlight breaks forth on an open meadow in the early morning. Our union of hearts with Joan of Arc, each other, and the entire communion of saints in Heaven is nothing less than union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We call this union of hearts with Jesus Christ glory, and each has that glory befitting who they are in the hierarchy of the Kingdom. Since we can be certain that Joan of Arc is both great and good, we likewise can be certain that she is radiant in glory in Heaven. Those with a union of hearts with Joan are raised toward Heaven by the grace of God. Joan shares in charity the overflow of grace God has given her in her glory.

Joan’s heart is a Kingdom, and we are certain of this because of her importance to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in fulfilling the will of the Father in the Holy Spirit. God the Father draws all to their share in the Kingdom, and to do this, He shows a predilection for using others as His channels of grace. This begins with the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the channel of all of God’s graces as Mediatrix of all grace. From there the rivers of grace and the rays of sunlight cascade downward through the multitude of Heavenly hearts, each in their appropriate place in the divine order. We, who are called to union of heart with Joan of Arc, can find our salvation nowhere else but where the rivers flow and the sunlight shines for us by God’s will. If we are elsewhere, we are not where we are who we are. However, if we are where we are who we are, God’s grace will fill our souls through the hearts chosen for us. Thus, we can be certain that since we are called to share in Joan’s holiness, which is who we are, it is through the heart of Joan of Arc we are called and through her heart to that of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. In Joan’s heart, we are in our Kingdom.


This would not be certain, nor even possible, were it not for Jesus Christ being the substance of our relationships in Heaven, and He through Whom the Kingdom is unified in love. Our love for each other necessarily is our love for Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Our love for each other necessarily is His love for us, as God is love. Thus, our love for Joan of Arc, and our union of hearts with her, is God Himself forming our relationships so that we will receive His super-abundance of grace according to His divine order and will.

Hierarchies  in the Kingdom of God are blessings and sources of grace, that we might love God through loving each other. Hierarchies in the Kingdom of God allow God’s love to spill over across the landscape of that Kingdom, just as hierarchies in the natural world allow waters to flow from celestial heights through the freshwater rivers to the lakes and creeks below.

Our union of hearts with Joan of Arc cannot be otherwise if we are to allow those rivers of grace to flow. We will not find our salvation without Joan of Arc, simply because we are the creeks below and her heart is a fountain overflowing with the river God has willed that should nourish us as it flows from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is the greatest of all in the Kingdom after her son Jesus Christ.

Our love and devotion for Joan of Arc is God’s will and method for our salvation, and it is Jesus Christ Himself who is that love. We love Jesus Christ and Mother Mary when we love Joan of Arc, and they love us when they love Joan of Arc. We are certain of this as the result of Jesus Christ being the substance of our relationships, Our Lady being the Mediatrix of all grace, and our unity of heart and soul with Joan of Arc who is both great and good and loved in her glory by God in overflowing abundance.

God and Our Lady love us when they love Joan of Arc as the result of this Heavenly hierarchy and divine order. This alone should give us the greatest comfort. We are certain that Joan of Arc is great and good and loved by God. Therefore we are certain that God loves us in His superabundant, overflowing love for Joan.

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