Joan of Arc - Who she is

Joan of Arc’s beginning was who she is

Jehanne with angels

“As he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and unspotted in his sight in charity.” Ephesians 1:4

Joan of Arc is known in the mind of God for all eternity, as are all the rest of us. Our Forms making up who we are, simply are by the will of God. Our life’s journey is nothing less than one of becoming who we are. All things – good, bad, inspiring, terrifying – were created to aid us on this journey, and God uses all things to lead us to who we are in the Kingdom of God. Joan of Arc is no exception.

Joan cooperated with God in becoming who she is, as all the rest of us must do if we are to reach the end of our journey and be who we are in the Kingdom of God. She was no different than we with regard to the supernatural order of things and the spiritual laws they impose on us through the natural order if we are to be saints, that is, who we are, in the Kingdom. She has intellect and will, just as do the rest of us, and she needed to use them appropriately, as do the rest of us.

Joan was born and lived in a small village in what we know today as France, close to what was then the border of the Holy Roman Empire, or what we know today as Germany, just as we were born and lived in our local communities, be they small villages or large cities. She was raised just as we were raised. Joan lacked formal education but learned through her senses just as the rest of us learned through our senses whether or not we received a formal education. In every way, Joan is like us substantively as we are.

Yet, as opposed to the rest of us, Heaven spoke with Joan of Arc directly, astonishingly, and with great affection. Joan appeared to be in a state of sanctifying grace. Of course, she could have been bad. God brings good out of evil as well as good; however, Heaven’s communications indicate clearly that Joan was good. Therefore, we can be certain that Joan of Arc was good.

Jeanne PF5

Heaven gave Joan of Arc a mission that is impossible to complete in the natural order alone. As a teenage woman in medieval France, she was to convince the Dauphin of France to give her his army so that she could defeat his English and Burgundian enemies who were close to victory. Furthermore, she was to take him to Rheims, in the middle of enemy territory to be crowned King of France in defiance of these enemies. She prophesied that she would free the city of Orléans in the process which was surrounded and nearly defeated, and she did do so. She turned the tide of the Hundred Years War and saved France.

After crowning her King, who, as Heaven informed her, was the earthly lieutenant for Jesus Christ who is the true King of France, she suffered, died at the stake, and what remained of her was thrown into the river. A white dove flew from the flames of her pyre and toward free France, and we can be certain that this was a great validation from Heaven of her goodness. Joan of Arc refused to yield her goodness even to her death. She remained good throughout. She was faithful and persevered to the end. Her passion and death, united with that of Christ, fulfilled Our Lord God’s will.

Therefore, given all that has been spoken above, we can deduce with certainty that Joan of Arc is great in the Kingdom of God. As great is a term that reflects a relative position to the rest of us, we can be certain that there is a hierarchy of goodness in the Kingdom of God and that God’s goodness flows through Joan, who is great, to those of us lesser whom Our Lord and Our Lady call to live in this hierarchical relationship, or relative position of goodness, with her. We live in relative goodness to her. In other words, we can be certain that she is a great saint and that God desires us to be great, or who we are in the Kingdom of God, through her goodness, which is really His goodness as it flows downward in this hierarchy through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to draw us upward to Him and to who we are.

Thus, as God knows Joan of Arc from all eternity, her beginning was who she is. She is great both in the mind of God and as she is in the Kingdom of Heaven. This goodness is what we call her heart, and those of us who have a union of hearts with her, do so in this relative hierarchy of goodness according to the divine order and the will of God, so that we, with her and the rest of the saints, can become who we are and united as one family, one hierarchical Kingdom, in the center of Mary’s Immaculate Heart where Jesus Christ reigns in all His glory.

Finally, we can deduce with certainty from what is spoken above that it is essential that we come to know who Joan of Arc is, rather than simply who she was or what she did.

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